Q: When are your next books coming out?  I’m especially interested in your previously unpublished titles.


A: As a self-published author, I can’t give too many solid dates, but I do my best to meet what little goals I can set.  Some books require more time, editing and patience to polish, but for the most part, here is my ideal schedule for this year.

Let's giveEarth abrighterfuture!.png


-May 31st – Pretty Perfect



Crescendo (Beautiful Monsters Book 1)

Melody (Beautiful Monsters Book 2)

Chain Me

Moth (early 2018)


Q: What about your unpublished drafts?

A: As much as I love writing and sharing my works in progress on Radish and Wattpad, I tend to write those stories when I can, as I can.  There is no set schedule and I don’t plan on releasing one for those stories.  I also reserve the right to remove any draft at any time.


Q:  What’s the best way to keep updated with your unpublished/published works and releases?

A: Join my Facebook or follow my Facebook page!  I try to update at least one of them daily.  Also, watch this space for major updates.

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